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Churchcare: Organs

Churchcare: Organs: "– Lähetetty Google-työkalupalkin välityksellä"

Tuning and routine maintenance
The number of times in a year that a pipe organ needs maintenance will depend on the conditions, its level of use, and on its size and complexity. Tuning and maintenance may be quarterly, every six months, or annually. Separate servicing arrangements may be necessary for the blower.
The firm that builds the organ may not need to be the same as the firm that maintains it. When negotiating a contract for a new organ or a major rebuild, explore arrangements (and costs) for tuning and maintenance, as well as implications for guarantee.
If the organist is properly trained by the organ tuner, then he or she may be able to take on minor tuning (e.g. of reeds which go out of tune faster). (An organist who nips into the inside of the organ to tweak this pipe or that as an uninformed amateur may do far more harm than good.)
Routine maintenance may not be necessary for an electronic organ on so regular a basis, but it is wise to ensure that there is proper provision for after-sales service and repair when buying an instrument. If there is a failure it may require substantial replacement of circuit boards or other electrical components. Electronic
organs may suffer if the atmosphere is excessively damp, and the parts made of wood and metal will also be affected by temperature.

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